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Designing Schools: The Future is a Place We Create

Designing Schools: The Future is a Place We Create

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About the Film

How might we design schools for today's learners? Join researcher and filmmaker, Dr. Sabba Quidwai as she tells the story of how a public school community in San Diego, CA at Design39 Campus challenged the traditional model of school.


Learn how schools can use design thinking to prepare young people with the knowledge, skills and mindsets to experience success by being able to innovate, create new products, services and business models that so that they can thrive in future workplaces and as global citizens.


Industry leaders like Seth Godin, Erik Brynjolfsson, Devin Vodicka, and Duncan Wardle,  who believe now is the perfect time to reimagine education are joined by curious parents, administrators, and teachers who wondered, "Is there a different way?"