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We > Me: Using Digital Empathy to Pivot in a Pandemic and Connect with Your Audience

For the past decade, Digital Futurist Brian Fanzo has been able to predict future trends with great accuracy. One of these trends we saw the World Economic Forum identify in 2018 as Leadership and Social Influence. Brian believes this begins with sharing your story or as he says, “Press the Damn Button.”

In this Episode we Discuss:

  1. What he means by digital empathy and how he used it to pivot during the pandemic

  2. Strategies to prepare for the ambiguity of tomorrow by preparing today

  3. Why our challenges are people problems that we need to solve with people

  4. Why stories and online content should include the process not just the end results

  5. Why he believes we should have a WE > ME mindset

  6. The relationship between taking care of ourselves and giving back to other

  7. The future of virtual events and why we should redefine how we use the word “interactive”

Connect with Brian

To learn more about Brian you can visit his website and I highly recommend you follow him across all platforms where he diversifies his content for Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIN and YouTube. You can learn more from Brian about how to enhance your virtual presentations here.

Connect with Sabba

You can connect with me, Sabba on LinkedInInstagram and Twitter @AskMsQ or visit my website

Listen in now to the latest episode

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