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Mindset, Mentorship and Advocacy – A Journey From the Farm to the Boardroom

“The master has failed more times than the student has tried,” thats the mantra today’s guest abides by when leaning into new experiences to master his mindset. As you navigate the many changes 2020 has brought upon us, this week’s guest, Steve Yu, CFO and Assistant Dean at the UCLA School of Law, shares stories and strategies about how to leverage a network and the role mentors can play in helping you design a life where you can identify and achieve your goals.

In This Episode We Discuss…

  1. Steve’s experience growing up on a farm and how he balanced it with his education

  2. How to overcome fears and strategies he uses to master his mindset

  3. Leaders as mentors and why age should not be a factor

  4. The importance of surrounding yourself with people who can be advocates for you

  5. Steve’s many side hustles and why he believes in a “yes and…” mentality

  6. Steve’s journey through mindfulness and meditation practices

  7. The importance of self care during the pandemic

Connect With Steve

  1. To connect and learn more from Steve join him on LinkedIn

Connect With Sabba

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