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Jeremy Austin and Angie Villa: Designing Your Career As A Content Creator

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When I think of individuals who have leveraged technology to reinvent work, shape their destiny, create their own path, and empower others to do so as well, the first people who came to mind are entrepreneurs and luxury travel content creators Jeremy Austin and Angie Villa who founded, “The Visionary Media Group.” They specialize in creating unrivaled photography, video production and social media campaigns for the World’s leading luxury hotels, resorts and exclusive villa rental properties. Their clients include Four Seasons, the Aman hotels, St Regis and many others.

They take us behind the scenes to discuss:

  1. Their transition from school to the real world

  2. Understanding your unique superpower and how to leverage it

  3. The value of showcasing your work online and creating a portfolio

  4. How to develop relationships with brands and the importance of overdelivering

  5. Why everyone should have a life resume

  6. The power of spirituality and manifesting your goals and dreams through a grounding vision

  7. How to learn new skills and how to stay relevant in a world that is rapidly changing

  8. Why they created, “The Creator Retreat” how you can attend and why this isn’t just for travel creators

  9. The future of travel and why they are optimistic


  1. Learn more about The Visionary Media Group

  2. Discover their presets to take your photos to the next level

Listen in now to the latest episode

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