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How To Take the Leap: From Launching Your Business to Having Conversations That Matter

When it comes to taking uncomfortable action on matters that are important to us, from launching that side hustle into a full time business to delaying conversations that matter, today’s guests challenges us to start thinking about all the things that could go right, instead of all the things that could go wrong.

Today I’m delighted to welcome Dan Faill to the podcast for a conversation where he shares insights, with a unique mix of humor and vulnerability, that we all need to hear right now. Dan Faill is an accomplished storyteller and international speaker. Having worked for over a decade on college campuses, advocating for safe and positive student experiences, Dan now travels the country as a full-time speaker, coach and consultant, engaging audiences in hard but needed conversations. Dan shares personal stories that engage and inspire others to be their authentic selves and be brave enough to have the conversations that matter.

In This Episode

  1. How and why Dan took the leap and launched his side hustle into a full time business

  2. How to identify if you are throwing away conversations

  3. How to change the way you start sentences to design conversations that matter

  4. How the dynamic of a conversation changes when working with a facilitator to provide the group with a myriad of solutions

  5. How he facilitates conversations about social justice, race, equity and inclusion that allow us to think like scientists

  6. How vulnerability fosters a culture of trust and creativity

  7. Why “Google it” is bad advice and what to do instead

In the episode Dan references this image as he explains the relationship between words we often hear and want to embrace but don’t always know how such as vulnerability, overcoming fear of failure, safety, trust and creativity.

Connect with Dan

Dan’s unique ab

Dan Faill
lity to design conversations that matter through vulnerability and humor eases the audience into taking the leap to having conversations that matter. You can learn more from Dan by visiting his website and following him across social media @danfaill.

Listen in now to the latest episode

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