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Find and Be Found: Advice for New Graduates in Times of Change

“Find and be found” This should be the mantra for every secondary and post secondary student in today’s world.

Each week on the show I ask our guests to share advice with new graduates who are entering a very different world of work. This week I curated the advice of past guests into one episode.

  1. Why the world of work is ripe for disruption and why you should be optimistic about the job market

  2. How to use LinkedIn to grow your network, share your work and connect with people you want to work with

  3. Why building your personal brand is a non-negotiable in 2020 and how you can use it to show the world what you can do with what you know

  4. How to use your time in school to share your work and build a robust network online

  5. How to use your challenges to fuel risk taking and try something new

  6. Why you should never be afraid to reach out to someone to ask a question or get advice when it comes to your career

  7. How to share and advance ideas within your organization

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