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Designing schools for today's learners is not just about solving a technology challenge, or a workforce challenge. 


It's about solving a human challenge. 


The film, based on a research study led by Dr. Sabba Quidwai, shares one of many successful models challenging the status quo in schools. Hear from experts why they believe now is the perfect time to reimagine what's possible, alongside parents who want to see a different way, with educators and administrators who show us how using design thinking practices.

Be inspired by what's possible for your learners. 


Educators are inherent design thinkers. With the teaching profession standing at a crossroads, these evidence-based practices share what's possible when teachers work in a culture of collaboration built on trust and team psychological safety. 

There is strong agreement amongst the educators between developing in demand skills such as creativity, problem finding, collaboration and communication and practicing design thinking. In addition to skills the students are developing a strong mindset of empathy, creative confidence, learning from failure and optimism. 

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When's the last time a film was part of your professional learning experience?

Bring your community together to ask,:

How are we designing schools for today's learners?

When you host a workshop we'll view the film and turn inspiration into impact using design thinking practices.

Use the contact form below to work with Sabba to design a custom learning experience for your community.

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I look forward to speaking with you about designing schools.

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